Dash of Danielle's logo design.

A Light-hearted and Playful Brand for an Instagram Food Influencer.

We designed a fun and approachable brand identity for Dash of Danielle, a personal blog sharing plant-based, healthy, and delicious recipes.

Danielle Norwitz, founder of the blog, has always been passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that she integrated a plant-based diet into her routine and started sharing her recipes on Instagram. Since then, she’s amassed quite the following—Danielle’s gained 14K followers with her unique content and playful messaging—and she’s just getting started!

Dash of Danielle’s new brand carefully balances a professional feel that will attract more sponsorships and a lightheartedness that conveys Danielle’s easy-going, sarcastic, and fun personality.


Dash of Danielle

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Dash of Danielle's about statement.Dash of Danielle's icon design.Dash of Danielle's Instagram account.Dash of Danielle's social media icons.Dash of Danielle's brand colors.Dash of Danielle's website design.Dash of Danielle's logo design.
Photo of Danielle Norwitz, Dash of Danielle's founder.

Natalie is incredible to work with and helped me design my brand from the ground up. In addition to the design work, she helped me create my website which allowed my Instagram to go viral within just a few months.

Danielle Norwitz

Founder, Dash of Danielle

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